-How It Works-

The process is simple, you bring in, we pick up, or you ship items that we both agree to enter into the consignment program. We allow you to choose your sell price, or we can help decide on a fair market price with you. We only choose items that we believe will sell efficiently, so you get a timely pay out. 

-Brands We Carry-

Rick Owens, Prada, Off-White, Number Nine, Helmut Lang, Come Des Garçon, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Alyx, Givenchy, Yohji Yamamoto, Maison Margiela, Raf Simons, Cartier, Balenciaga, & Many More


-Tier Program-

As you sell more through our platform, we will move you up through our consignment tiers, lowering our fee and increasing your payout. 

Tier 1

(Less than $1000 goods sold)

Payout: 70%

Consignment Fee: 30%

Tier 2 

($2500 goods sold)

Payout: 75%

Consignment Fee: 25%

Tier 3

($5000 goods sold)

Payout: 75%

Consignment Fee: 25%

In-Store Discount: 10%

Tier 4

($15,000 goods sold)

Payout: 80%

Consignment Fee: 20%

In-Store Discount: 15%

Consignee Testimonials

"Street Commerce is quick and efficient with their payouts, they know what will sell, and have built a great model to help their customers free up value" - Scott

"I love selling and consigning to Street Commerce, I feel like I have built a friendship with the team, and trust them with my items"


"Im fairly new to this model, but I enjoy watching this team expand their inventory and selection by pulling items from a wide variety of people and places"